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Client Diaries - Om Soul

Never have I had a chance to work with a client who gave me such absolute creative freedom. The founder of Om Soul, an exceptional woman in more ways than one, wanted to take the concept of gems and semi-precious stones, which in our Indian minds are associated with astrologers and paranoid relatives, and get their raw form to the modern consumer as a product they can buy or gift. A piece of nature for your home. 

The entire visual identity for the brand was designed to be contemporary and minimal, using a neutral colour palette which did not clash with the vibrant stones. 

For the big raw crystals, I was very certain that I wanted the experience of taking them out of the box to mimic the experience of a child when she sees a shiny stone and digs it out of the earth. We wanted to celebrate the fact that no two stones were the same in form and size, we designed deep customised cavities for the raw tourmaline and lined it with fabric. The exterior was wrapped with recycled Kraft paper. 

The packaging for the Amethyst Pyramid, which was mainly to be kept on desks, was designed to double up as a stand and resembled a havan kund with the pyramid serving as the fire. 

You can check out their products at www.omsoul.in

Services provided to client- 

  • Brand Identity 
  • Packaging 
  • Website Design 
  • Marketing Collaterals and Brochure

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