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Packaging Values into Business

I'm taking it slow, baby steps. Questioning my choices, not in self doubt, but to ensure I don't make mindless automatic decisions.
If you have received one of my products you would know the notebooks come in a cotton cloth bag. This is not just an aesthetic choice or a branding statement, this is a result of my visit to an institution which helps specially-abled children and teaches them craft skills. A lot of big companies view something like this as a CSR project done once for a quick press release or a marketing campaign. If you ever went there, all you would see is heart. People with never-ending patience and compassion helping these children become a respected part of the society and the economy. These bags are not just packaging to me they symbolise the beauty and importance of hand work, of patience , of love. 
I can only hope that I am able to grow into a person as loving and compassionate as the ones I saw there, but I can tell you this- everything I design or make is made with all my heart, is made of me, and I will hold myself to a higher standard as I try to establish this business with values that are usually  forsaken for profit margins. 

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